Kedar Pathak
Kedar Pathak

Kedar Pathak’s journey is a blend of strategic brilliance, diverse talents, and an unwavering commitment to financial inclusion. Armed with an MBA in Marketing and a state-level chess victory, Kedar’s story began to unfold during his college years when he emerged as the first teenager in India to achieve the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) recognition within an astonishing 14 days, marking a remarkable start to his career as an insurance advisor.

Venturing further, Kedar took on the role of a Regional Manager in an insurance company, where he contributed for two successful years. His entrepreneurial spirit then led him to establish his own production unit for surgical cotton, culminating in a triumphant exit with a 100% profit on investment within three years.

Subsequently, Kedar entered the Fintech arena, becoming a distributor and quickly rising to the top branch in the entire network. His remarkable achievements, including an award from SBI for opening the largest number of funded women accounts in India and another accolade from PFRDA for enrolling the highest number of Atal Pension Yojna accounts, showcased his prowess in the financial sector.

In August 2017, Kedar embarked on his entrepreneurial journey once again, founding Reijiro, a venture aimed at bringing about positive change in the financial landscape. Fast forward to today, Reijiro has introduced the Fayda Pay app, empowering retailers to offer financial services in rural areas. Within just one month, Fayda Pay acquired over 1000 users, illustrating the swift and impactful penetration into the market.

Kedar’s primary objective revolves around financial inclusion, a mission that aligns seamlessly with Fayda Pay’s vision. His commitment to empowering individuals in underserved areas through accessible financial services is at the core of Reijiro’s success.

Kedar Pathak, the CEO of Reijiro, is not just a seasoned professional but a visionary leader carving a niche in the financial sector, utilizing his unique journey, talents, and entrepreneurial acumen to drive positive change and foster financial inclusion in every corner of India.

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