Saurabh Mantri
Saurabh Mantri

Saurabh Mantri’s journey from being a chef to co-founding LoadMee is an exciting tale of passion and success. With a strong education from IPS Academy, Indore, Saurabh’s shift from cooking to logistics was sparked by his two years as a Continental Chef, where challenges became his forte.


Indore, a city steeped in cultural heritage and bustling with entrepreneurial fervor, has become a fertile ground for innovative startups. Among these, LoadMee stands out as a shining example of Indore’s entrepreneurial spirit. Co-founded by Saurabh Mantri, an Indore native in 2019. It quickly emerged as a game-changer, offering a user-friendly platform for businesses to efficiently handle their logistics needs, including serving 2 Tier and 3 Tier cities. LoadMee’s app and web platform simplify the logistics process, ensuring timely and cost-effective logistics in India.


Saurabh’s commitment to teamwork and motivational speaking played a crucial role in LoadMee’s success. The journey reached new heights when LoadMee was honored with the prestigious title of “Indore ka Gaurav” at the Startup Conclave during “Indore Gaurav Divas,” solidifying its impact on the local startup scene.


LoadMee’s excellence was further recognized through multiple awards, and a significant seed fund of 3 million from NDBI India validated its vision. This strategic investment will fuel LoadMee’s growth, strengthening operations and expanding innovative logistics solutions.


Saurabh’s journey, marked by accolades and strategic investments, showcases his ability to turn challenges into opportunities. The “Indore ka Gaurav” title and the seed fund from NDBI India aren’t just milestones for LoadMee; they affirm its impact in the startup ecosystem. With Saurabh’s leadership and team support, LoadMee continues to lead in the competitive logistics industry, transforming the landscape in India.


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